We are all about Jesus

We believe in many things: loving our neighbours, giving generously to those in need, caring for our world, supporting families, and building a community. But most of all, at the centre of all that we are and all that we do, is Jesus Christ – Son of the Living God.

We are a family.

We're an odd group of people - of different ages, from different social backgrounds and with many different ideas about life.  But we are people joined together by one thing - the love of God.  Some of us have been Christians for year, others are just figuring out what we believe.  Come and join us as we learn more about who God is and the plans He has for us.

We are people of the Book

God is living and active in the world today.  We believe the God speaks by His word the Bible.  In this book we discover the one who is The Word - Jesus Christ and that by the Holy Spirit, we can know the invisible Father and so find salvation by His Grace alone.

At the Heart of the Community

St Mary's Church has stood at the heart of our town for 900 years.  We remain committed to playing our part in our town, shining a beacon of Gospel hope in South Leicestershire.

We meet every Sunday at 10:30am and 4pm.  The church building is open for coffee, 10am-12noon, Tuesday to Saturday for coffee.  Come and meet us.